Messenger2050 Technologies is proud to Introduce Comm-Tel, a secure way to communicate and collaborate from remote locations without the need to travel.
Easiest and secure way to meet over Business Phone Solution, control and manage from anywhere at anytime

Communicate with customers anywhere everytime .

Connect with teams and customers in one place.

Get complete business phone solution & customer intelligence with deep analytics.

Connect your phone system with ComTel apps

Comm-Tel Network

Commtel is an industry’s leading IP Communication platform develop by Messenger2050 Technologies, providing a new generation Cloud-hosted business phone solution developed by Messenger2050 Technologies. Commtel is the secure and powerful Communication Solution that provides HD web, video conferencing & screensharing for webinars and chatting & text messaging.

Comm-Tel Apps For Android, IPhone And IPad

CommTel Network apps is a quick and easy way to meet while away from home or the office. Our intuitive web meeting apps put powerful conferencing functionality in the palm of your hand.

Hi-Quality Web Conferencing

High performing video conferencing application for you and your guests is a tool that uses the web to connect a group of people via a live video and audio feed. It enables the parties to initiate and conduct live conferences and remote meetings by transmitting audio, video, and text.

Inbound Call Center Solution

Our inbound call center solution is for contact center companies, they’re used to take large volumes of phone calls from customers who are seeking technical support like answers to questions, issue resolution, and any other customer service issues.

Outbound Contact Center Solution

CommTel Outbound call center solution is most productive when they use automated technologies to eliminate routine tasks such as manual dialing by the agent. Our Outbound Contact Center solution is the perfect solution for businesses that make large volumes of outgoing calls. With this solution, you can manage and motivate agents, generate high-quality leads, and give great caller experiences.

Best Performing IVR Dialer

CommTel IVR Dialer can detect whether calls are answered by a Live person, or answered by an Answering Machine, and different scripts or sound files can be used depending on call answer type. Our IVR dialer is a fully featured dialling platform that delivers Best-In-Class customer interactions which can be customized for each individual contact.

Cloud-Hosted Call Centers Solution

Our cloud-hosted call centers come with advance features that make it highly customer-centric and result-oriented solutions. The call center solutions from Communica-Tel Network are designed to provide high-end calling solutions that any corporate firms need. It offers the advanced telephony technology that is require to handle efficient calling process and carry every option to make a complete communication platform for customers and agents.. It let the users place call to any place of the world virtually to build a global business communication system.

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Cloud-Hosted Contact Centers Solution

Our Contact Center Solution is an intuitive and the best communication solution offer exceptional customer service in low budget. Communica-Tel Network Cloud Hosted Contact Center system gives your agents—whether in the office or working from home—the smart features they need to provide quick, relevant responses to your customers across all interaction channels: voice, email, text messaging, web, chat, and social media. It offers the smart voice logger along with the features of the dialer. To increase your agents’ productivity and maximize the effectiveness it is mandatory to keep a record of all the communication held between the client and the executives.

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Cloud Hosted Business phone solution

Cloud Hosted Business phone solution

Our secure and powerful business communication solution helps you control and manage your business phones through Enterprise Voice, HD Web and Video Conferencing and chat & text messaging from anywhere at anytime.

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Cloud Hosted Contact centre

Our contact center solution support work from anywhere, delivers greater agent productivity with exceptional customer experiences and flexible call center management system.

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Virtual Agent for Contact Center

A virtual agent is a future of contact centers, our virtual agents helps to reducing expenses within contact

Powerful CRM Application

CommTel CRM is transforming the way and support to real-time engagement across the entire customer journey, our CRM system provides you with the customer support tools you need to improve first call response rates by providing you with the ability to deliver 24-hour customer service and quick access to contact information and history to help your customers in real-time with call center CRM solution. Our Call Center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is made predominantly for business to management of inbound and outbound calling scenarios; it is designed to achieve the goals of business customer relations. CRM system is one of the important part of call Centre to managing telesales, telemarketing, lead generation, lead management and account management. It contains all the functionality needed to run high volume outbound campaigns that needs to be very efficient in terms of operations and sales management graph. Communica-tel Networks CRM system offers auto handling of leads and processing them on the basis of collected information.